Colavita® authentic specialty products, including durum wheat semolina pasta, a full selection of balsamic and wine vinegars, traditional and organic pasta sauces, and olive-canola blended oils, are the ingredients of choice for chefs in home, restaurant, and professional kitchens.  Colavita also markets a full line of marinated vegetables and spreads, each prepared according to Colavita family tradition.

Through partnership agreements, Colavita USA distributes leading Italian brands, including Cirio tomatoes and beans, Riso Scotti traditional and quick-serve rice, and San Benedetto mineral water, to thousands of grocery and specialty stores and direct to many restaurants and other food service establishments.  In addition, Colavita produces and distributes grocery items for well-known Italian tastemakers such as TV host and cookbook author Rachael Ray and New York City’s legendary Patsy’s Restaurant. Colavita is also the sole importer and distributor of Perugina food and confectionery products, including the iconic Baci line, in the US.


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