Olly Rouse is one of a new breed of creative chefs who has an inspiring and original vision for modern fine-dining.

Head Chef at The Avenue in Lainston House, an Exclusive Hotel near Winchester, Hampshire, Olly has a tireless obsession for seeking out ingredients he considers special and firmly believes that a chef is a ‘custodian of nature’s larder’. Olly is keen to celebrate British and grows his own produce in the hotel’s abundant kitchen garden; his menus are completely market-led and ingredient inspired. Olly is also on a never-ending quest to learn, discover and explore global flavours and techniques.

With the help of his team, Olly is resurrecting old and forgotten techniques from around the world. Fascinated and endlessly resourceful, he embraces heritage techniques of preservation including burying and fermenting.  For example, Olly might pickle or brine a glut of home-grown summer fruit and vegetables, picked fresh when in perfect abundance and store until winter.

In addition, Olly has an enterprising approach to utilisation. Cream is churned for butter and the buttermilk by-product is used to make fresh cottage cheese while the whey is used for low-fat ice-creams. The kitchen’s resourceful back-to-basics attitude means there is endless inspiration for Olly and his chefs to experiment with a fully stocked larder to create exciting new taste experiences.

Olly comments; “I am fascinated by flavours and simple ingredients in their prime excite me the most. I love to celebrate ingredients when their moment is right and there is always something new and exciting to be creative with.”

Olly’s dishes on the menu at The Avenue include Chicken and Oyster with peanut, artichoke, choy; Golden Duck Terrine with apricot kernel, beetroot, pink grapefruit, goji; and Herring with purple carrot, shallot, bacon, apple.


Olly has an illustrious background and has built his reputation for innovation and pushing the boundaries through his wealth of experience gained at Michelin starred properties including Coworth Park and The Vineyard at Stockcross – but his vision at The Avenue in Lainston House is much more refreshing.

Olly began his career at the young age of 13 at Les Bouviers Restaurant in Dorset and immediately became fascinated with flavour and textures. He quickly progressed through the ranks and moved properties to quench his appetite for more knowledge. He moved to London to work at Petrus, his first Michelin starred restaurant and then on to The Vineyard at Stockcross where, as Sous Chef, the restaurant gained their second Michelin star.

Following this, Olly then opened the fine dining restaurant at the new Coworth Park, part of The Dorchester Collection, which was huge success, gaining a Michelin star within its first year of trading.

Olly joined Lainston House 2013 as Head Chef of The Avenue and oversees its entire food offering.


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